Leadership Development

Aviation Career Services’ Leadership Development assists organizations and individuals byway of leadership training. The range of courses below are synopsis’ of courses that we develop and tailor to your organizational and individual needs.

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Course Offerings

·         Leadership and You

o   This session will allow the attendees to take a leadership assessment and learn about their style of leadership. It will take you through a self-reflective process over your own strengths and weaknesses as well as the various other leadership profiles with articles, discussion, group activities, and basic do’s and don’t of leadership.

·         Leadership and Motivation:

o   This session will allow the attendees to further develop their leadership understanding by looking at the nature of leadership and how individuals become leaders; while exploring the differences between managers and leaders. Through examples, the attendee will discover the successful leaders of the world including different types of organizational leadership in the aviation industry.

·         The Necessity of Teamwork

o   This course will look at the elements of a team and how to transform your team from good to great. We will look at fortune 500 corporations and discuss the components of team-building.  We will also share practical applications for team-building within your organization.

 ·         Getting Past Stereotypes and Incorporating Diversity into the Workplace

o   This course will challenge your hidden beliefs and make you think outside the box. In a non-threatening environment and through thoughtful discussion we will begin to break down the stereotypical barriers that inhibit workplace diversity.

 ·         Relationship Building: The Importance of Building and Maintaining Good Relationships in an Organization.

o   This course will focus on the understanding of the importance of relationship building within an organization. Through the use of articles, discussions, and self reflection, we will look at how effective and successful businesses create and sustain strong relationships.

 ·         Communication for Success

o   This course will focus on the significance of teamwork within an organization. It will cover the importance of stability, consistency, clear message, organizational culture, and trust and their importance in developing a strong team and organization.

·         Planning for Me

o   This course or session will walk you through useful techniques to enhance the overall effectiveness of your meeting. With this training you will learn how to lead your participants through focused and engaging meetings to better direct your goals.

 ·         Self Marketing & Presentation

o   This course will walk the attendees through cover letter, resume writing, and interviewing techniques. It will explain the do’s and don’ts of cover letter and resume writing and how to best prepare and present yourself during an interview. At the end of the session, the candidates will take away tools, common practices to better present themselves on paper and during an interview, and leave with a complete cover letter, resume, and prepared for an interview.

·         Introduction to Operations, Security, Finance, Marketing/Air Service, Human Resources & Labor Relations, Planning & Engineering etc.

o   These sessions will focus on the basic information for each of the subject areas covered  as a “primer” to introduce the attendee to the environment of each area as well as the most important factors of the positions, the regulatory environment associated with each area, and their relation to organizational success.