Coaching & Networking


Through the years Aviation Career Services has networked and developed contacts in all aviation disciplines.  You might ask yourself, why do I need Aviation Career Services for networking?  Well, the short answer is, because your competitors (who are also on the tough job hunt) are using professionals from within their network. Why shouldn’t you?  Networking is the greatest way to posture yourself for success in the aviation industry.  It leads professionals to promotions, new jobs, business ventures, partnerships, and ultimately a successful career in aviation.

I remember when I was in college, the professors would say to the class, “go, get out there and network…”  I thought that was great advice; the only thing is they never told us how.  As you’ve probably heard time and time again, the aviation industry is small.  Everyone knows someone and you’ll probably run into that person again someday.  I say, why wait for some day?  Bring them into your network base today because there may be a time when you’re in need, like during a job search.  That person you met at a gathering months ago just might know someone in the company you’ve applied to or even the hiring manager.

Networking and maintaining your professional network base can be time consuming and at first may seem insurmountable.  Aviation Career Services will show you how to connect with others in the aviation industry and maintain lasting connections with them.  We’ll also help you to overcome the initial hesitation and fear of rejection you may have from other professionals in the field.  We will provide you with common practices to use in maintaining your current network while adding to it.  We know how to do it, have done it, and can work with you to establish and/or build upon your aviation network base.

Ways Aviation Career Services can help you with your networking:

  • Work with you on the basics and beyond of making the connection and developing your network base
  • Pair job seekers with prospective employers

Our established relationships with partners in the industry have directly benefited our clients and their chances for securing employment when opportunities present themselves.  Aviation Career Services can lead you down the path of networking success.