Why the need for Aviation Career Services?

Maneuvering through today’s tough economy is difficult.  The aviation employment market today is plagued with a national unemployment rate of 8.2% (March 2012), airline mergers, restructuring, and their associated house cleaning, a variety of federal funding is at risk, and local and state governments (including airports) are making cuts to compensate for their budget short falls.  While keeping each of these career hurdles in mind, Aviation Career Services can help you to position yourself to stand out amongst the hundreds of applicants you’re competing with.

Here are some points to think about and why you should utilize Aviation Career Services from the start of your application:

  • There are fewer jobs available today than there were 3-5 years ago.  Aviation professionals are working longer in their careers and remaining stable with their respective companies.  You need to shine from the beginning with a quality and professionally written cover letter and resume that markets you appropriately
  • Over qualified applicants are applying for positions they otherwise would not; making it more important for you to package your education, skills, and experience professionally and strategically in the cover letter, resume, and ultimately the interview
  • The first impression you make upon a hiring manager (usually your cover letter & resume) is lasting and if it’s less than perfect, you’re likely not going to get called for an interview
  • You only get one chance at the airline pilot interview; airlines will not grant you another interview if you’ve failed the first one.  That’s why it’s important to get it right the first attempt
  • Many jobs that companies are hiring for are not published and are only known by networking with others in the industry.  Aviation Career Services can help you to posture yourself and improve your network base so the next time an employer thinks about hiring, they’ll keep you in mind