Here’s what clients and industry professionals have to say about us:


“Aviation Career Services proved to be invaluable in our recent search for the Assistant Director – Program Management Office.  The principles brought a wealth of personal knowledge of airport planning and development to the table. In addition, their insight and extensive knowledge of airport organizations really fit our needs. With ACS’ help we were able to select a candidate quickly and smoothly with  its pool of high quality candidates available.”

Lance Lyttle

Chief Operating Officer

Houston Airport System


“Knowing and understanding Aviation Career Services (ACS), they’re different. ACS’ principals bring practical industry knowledge gained through years of directly hiring and managing airports, an outside the box thinking on recruitment – focusing on diversity and inclusion and are working with airports to develop leaders through leadership training. They’re innovative two-pronged approach to filling the leadership gap by developing diverse leaders and their revitalization of industry executive recruiting is a fresh breath to this sector in our industry. I whole-heartedly endorse Aviation Career Services’ new and smart way of finding our industry’s future leaders. Their approach is truly innovative in our industry and is unmatched. Airports and other sectors of the aviation industry can’t go wrong trusting in Aviation Career Services and its principals.”

Darryl H. Daniels, AIA


Jacobsen/Daniels Associates


“In working with Aviation Career Services, I liked that the candidate pool was very targeted to our needs & that ACS specializes in aviation recruitments. Working with Eric and his team was a great experience – he was very professional and communicated with me every step along the way. We found a great airport director by working with the ACS team and couldn’t be more pleased!”

Valerie Fennell

Senior HR Business Partner

Adams County Government – Colorado


“My experience with Aviation Career Services was not only very positive, but also very professional.   The ACS team brought their experiences in the industry, airport management and its practices to the recruitment process. Their communication and interaction with me as a candidate was outstanding. They were able to understand in detail all of the experience I brought to the table and worked with me to ensure I was communicating them.

Also to be noted was their general respect of me and the years of experience I have to offer.  It was clear to me their prior management experience in the aviation industry allowed them a greater understanding and advantage. The ACS team demonstrated respect and treated the candidates as colleagues rather than simply as an applicant; all while maintaining a thorough, fair and confidential recruitment process. I highly recommend Aviation Career Services and their team. Their industry experience, communication and candidate relations approach rivals that of the competition.”

Richard McConnell, A.A.E.

Deputy Executive Director

Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport


“Aviation Career Services provided excellent linkage during the hiring process at Front Range Airport.  In addition to the screening process that they administered for Adams County, they made sure that I had the information that I needed to plan throughout the process.  ACS was very effective in guiding the hiring process.”

Dave Ruppel, C.M.

Airport Director

Adams County – Front Range Airport


“As a first-time Aviation Career Services candidate, I found the experience to be first class. The ACS team showed a great deal of respect and displayed a strong sense of professionalism from start-to-finish. I felt comfortable and confident that my candidacy was being kept confidential and handled delicately throughout the process, which is incredibly important to me. I was highly satisfied with ACS and hope other candidates have similarly positive experiences.”

Bryant L. Francis, C.M.


Long Beach Airport


“Aviation Career Services is an extremely forward-thinking, ethical and highly professional organization. The principals on the ACS team are top-notch! They’ve worked at various sized airports throughout the United States and bring their diverse experiences together to outshine their competitors. Of particular note is their commitment to developing the future leaders of tomorrow with their training offerings and encouraging diversity and inclusion into their executive recruitment candidate pools. That combination hits to the point of filling the widening gap of experienced professionals in the industry while infusing the community cultures that airports are a part of. I highly recommend Aviation Career Services to any individual and any organization looking for a fresh vision into the industry we are a part of.”

Christopher Phillips

Los Angeles International Airport

“Eric is an extremely dedicated and hardworking individual with a vast amount of aviation knowledge and experience. He has a passion for the aviation industry and his professionalism is one of his strengths. He is an excellent communicator and his skills and experience are very beneficial to his clients and others in achieving their goals.”

Joseph Cajipe

LAX Airport Operations