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RIC Thanks ACS for Job Well Done!




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Career Rebranding – Are You Ready to Elevate Your Career?

Over the years, we have received many calls from industry professionals throughout the United States asking us for career advice and support. We’re asked “well, I’m looking at this job but I’m not sure this is the right step to get me to my ultimate goal; what do you think?” Others call asking for interview prep. But, the number one request we’ve received from industry professionals over the last several weeks is cover letter and resume facelifts. Yes, we assist the industry in all the areas of career assistance described, heck, that’s how ACS was started in 2010. But, the cover letter and resume assistance is by far, the first step forward if you’re looking to rebrand your career.

What is career branding? Think of it this way, when a company looks to refresh its image, highlighting all its strengths, services, innovation and successes, they take special care to vet and hire the right marketing firm to assist them with their facelift. ACS is currently undergoing this process right now. They work on the look, the feel, the messaging, etc. Career branding takes the same approach, but highlights an individual and their success and expertise in the professional world. It aims to make you shine as the expert in what it is you do!

With the job market as competitive as it is, you only have 30 – 45 seconds to make yourself shine to the recruiter and/or hiring manager. Why take a risk and have your “career brand” look like everyone else? Be flashy “enough” to help the recruiter remember you. How do you do this you ask? Here are a few pointers:

  • Make sure your cover letter and resume complement one another.
  • Make sure your document looks appealing and not another page in the old printed encyclopedia.
  • Don’t rewrite your job description and day-to-day duties under each job; highlight your experience in ways that make you the expert in the field.
  • Don’t think, “gheez this is easy and I can do it myself”. Trust in an expert to help guide you through that juncture because when you’ve been writing and editing the same documents for years, a fresh pair of eyes could go a long way to help you elevate your career!

Just my “recruiter” perspective…

Eric Mercado, C.M., ACE


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ACS offers career, talent management, human resources and consulting services to the aviation, airport, transportation and municipal government sectors. With over a two centuries of combined practical experience in aviation, airport, transportation and municipal government management, ACS is leading the path in developing talent and providing them pathways toward progressive success in their careers.